Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Intertech API Application do?

The Intertech API allows developers to access banking API platform that you can create your own applications supported by APIs. Interested people can build, test, and even commercialize an application using our APIs.

Is it free or paid?

The Intertech API testing environment is free for all developers to test. However, commercial applications approved by the API Management Team may be charged based on business model.

For whom?

Global corporations, multinational corporations, large corporations, SMEs, finTech initiatives, freelance developers, basically anyone who wants to integrate our financial services into their applications.

Do I need to be an Intertech customer?

You do not need to be an Intertech customer to consume our APIs. However, you have to register for Intertech API platform.

How can I make my app available for everyone?

Once you've completed your developments, contact us and Intertech API team will contact you shortly for evaluation.